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We specialize in preparing your staff for the change associated with moving.  Whether a single staff executive or a division of thousands, Amy Gilthorpe can prepare your staff for a seamless relocation experience.
What is a Relocation Consultant and Why do you need one?

AG Associates prepares companies, employees, individuals and their families for both domestic and international moves by a relocation specialist and certified life coach.  Hiring the shipping company and other vendors is the easy part.  We specialize in helping prepare you to  leave your current location and arrive in your new location ready to hit the ground running.

Company Moves - Your Global Mobility vendor gets your employees from point A to point B.  AG Associates is a supplementary service providing group presentations on Creating a Personal Move Plan, Preparing for Temporary Family Separations and How To Manage The Move With Children, etc. 

Expatriate Moves -  If your company is moving you overseas,  we help create a personal move plan for both you and your family so you settle into your new life while avoiding the common pitfalls of overseas moves.

Domestic/Local Moves - Whether you are moving across town or to another State, we can help you do this successfully eliminating the common stresses of moving.

Trailing Spouse Support - For the spouse accompanying the employee, this can be a difficult situation.  Let us provide you the support to redirect this from a situation to an opportunity.

Overseas International Schools - Presentations for incoming families to provide a big picture perspective, allowing your student families to gain insight on expatriate life and making the most out of their international school experience.

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